Mobile Terrain Pack Vol.1


High-quality low poly adventure environment packages.

Wherever your adventure takes you next, these complete environment packages will assist you in building that adventure.
Scenes contains:
– Barrens
– Barrow Dens
– Dead Mines
– Duskwood
– Stranglethorn Vale

Web Demo: demo

Krarael Polar Bear for Mobile


The Polar Bear lives in the snow and ice, they are strong and brave. It is mobile-friendly, great for arpg mobile games.

– Idle
– Walk
– Run
– Fight
– Attack1
– Attack2
– Attack3
– Wound
– Death

Texture: 5 diffuse suits(all textures in 128×128 and 128×256)

Self-Assembly RPG Icon Pack


This pack offers a wide variety of equipment icons,
including weapon, helm, shoulder, belt, bracer, chest, gloves, legs, neck, ring, boots and trinket.

All the icons with transparent background color, we provide 5 different background color for self-assembly,
you can design and product according to your idea.

– Including over 105 high quality icons.
– All icons are 80×80 pixels and in PNG format.

Mega RPG Icon Pack Vol.1


This icon pack contains various consumable item, equipments, potions, scrolls, chest, gems, rune and more.

– Great for RPG games.

– 700+ equipments, props  icons.

– 60×60 size.

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